I am a software developer and UX designer from Toulouse, France. Currently available for freelance projects.

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Pretty Epic Retro Shoot Em Up in Space !

Join the PERSEUS - Pretty Epic Retro Shoot Em Up in Space - squad in this retro shoot em up following the foosteps of the classic Space Invaders ! Blast your way through an epic adventure full of relentless waves of squishy aliens ! Dodge myriads of bullets ! Choose your ship and equip it with state-of-the-art modules and devastating weapons !

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49 pixels est un défi de dessin de pixels minimaliste où chaque niveau a ses propres règles. Testez votre pensée logique pour comprendre les motifs et reproduire les images de pixels colorées sur le tableau. Pas de pression, vous pouvez sauter autant de niveaux que vous le souhaitez !

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Today was Mr Prizondoor's 50th birthday at the Wait For It Restaurant ! Chef Linguini had prepared a special cake for the grumpy man ! As the waitress, all you had to do was serve the masterpiece... But as luck would have it, something terrible happened...

You slipped on a banana peel. And then all you could do was delay the inevitable...

Wait For It is a wacky and weird Wario Ware inspired game, where you try to go through as many quick challenges as possible to save and serve your beloved cake. As time goes on, the pace increases.

This is my Ludum Dare 50 Compo submission. The theme is : Delay the Inevitable !

Wait for it ! won the 1st place in the FUN category at Ludum Dare 50 !

In the World's Toughest Game, you are a red square and blue circles are your enemies. It is hard, very hard, and it will test your limits in terms of patience, skills and timing. If all goes accordingly to plan, it will also make you rage quit. Enjoy !

World's Toughest Game was featured in the Editor's Choice at simmer.io !

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